Our Story

Established in 2015, Own Properties has justifiably earned a distinguished position in the Dubai Property Market. Own Properties LLC is a key player in the CCGi Group which has had a significant influence on the real estate sector across the Middle East. We place the client at priority and offer our best services as usual. By collaborating with experts from around the world, Own Properties achieved international success, becoming one of the most regarded real estate companies in the UAE. Our services include Selling, Renting and Listing your property. Get in touch with us at info@ownproperties.ae  or +971 4 355 9779 and we will assist you with all your enquiries

We always aim to achieve the three main factors of success in real estate:

  • Providing honest and trustworthy advice to our clients, ensuring they get the best return on their investments.
  • We provide world-class property management services to ensure upmost satisfaction of our trusted clients
  • We aim to ensure the clients we offer our services to feel safe and comfortable in having us as their first choice for repeatable business.

Our Group

We are one of the most trusted and recognised real estate companies in the UAE. Our goal is to provide properties which strive to shape communities that people love to live in. Honesty, integrity and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. The developments we offer aren’t just a place, it’s a meaningful investment and that’s what we promise to deliver to you every day.


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